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Golly Bob Howdy!

Inspired by Slinky Dog from Disney/Pixar's Toy Story Series

Golly Bob Howdy! is based on Slinky Dog from Disney/Pixar's Toy Story franchise and inspired by 50s and 90s fashion trends with influences of the camp fashion movement. The time periods of fashion trend inspiration were chosen due to their significance to  Slinky Dog as a character: The first Slinky Dog toy was released in the 1950s and the first Toy Story film was released in the 1990s.


The two piece dress is made fully from vinyl and faux leather trim to simulate the plastic look of Slinky Dog, with his iconic rings made from clear tubing covered with spandex. The large, round pleats of the skirt were achieved using heavyweight interfacing. This design was self-patterned. This design was created in 2019 and photographed at Disney's All Star Movies Resort by Diana Dizon photography.

Photo Aug 14, 3 18 20 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 15, 6 45 46 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 15, 6 44 15 PM.jpg
Photo May 23, 6 00 43 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 15, 7 10 22 PM.jpg
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