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Subject: 89P13

Inspired by Rocket Raccoon from Marvel Studios' Guardians of the Galaxy

Subject: 89P13 design was inspired by 60s fashion, specifically mini dresses and popular fabric choices/colors at the time. This period was chosen as inspiration because not only did Rocket Raccoon make his comic debut in that era, but the popular clothing colors and fabrics of the era fit well with his film design. This design includes details such as 3D printed raccoon tail earrings, 3D printed Guardians of the Galaxy logo buttons, and a "Groot Cocoon" purse.


This piece was self-drafted and sewn from hand dyed corduroys, faux leather fabric, faux leather piping, and faux raccoon fur. This design was one of the finalists in the 2018 Her Universe Fashion Show at San Diego Comic Con. Photos are by Mark Edwards Photography. Runway video is from Hot Topic.

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Subject: 89P13
Her Universe Fashion Show 2018 Runway Walk

Video by Hot Topic
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