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The Grand & Miraculous Spaceship

Inspired by Spaceship Earth at Walt Disney World's Epcot

The Grand & Miraculous Spaceship design was inspired by Spaceship Earth from Epcot at Walt Disney World and created in 2019. The gown was inspired by a simple play on words: "The Epcot Ball-gown". The design went through many iterations, including one having an open front, one having a panel including the mural in the ride's queue, and one based on the color palette of the attraction at night. The final design pays tribute to the exterior of the attraction, the silver mirrored column beneath it, and the blue "Light Grid" room from the interior of the attraction.

The tetrahedrons that make up this gown were made by hand individually by fusing metallic vinyl and heavyweight interfacing together, folding and ironing them into the shape, gluing them shut, and then gluing them onto the gown. The mirrored bodice represents the mirror column under the ball. This gown was self-patterned and made from metallic vinyl, mirrored vinyl, heavyweight interfacing, cording, large rhinestones, chiffon, and Swarovski crystals. A video tutorial for the fabric tetrahedrons is available at the bottom of this page! 


In August of 2019, I had the incredible opportunity to photograph this gown inside Epcot under the attraction itself. Photos are by Diana Dizon Photography.

Epcot Final.png

Epcot Fabric 
Tetrahedron Tutorial

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