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The Enchantress

Inspired by The Enchantress from Disney's Beauty and the Beast

This costume was inspired by the Enchantress from Disney's Beauty and the Beast and stained glass art. Before the decision to design this cosplay in the style of a stained glass window, the concept for the Enchantress went through several different iterations. The original plan for the costume was to recreate the character's original film design in a more realistic way, using rich fabrics and trims. However, since the Enchantress is shown only as stained glass window art in the film, inspiration struck to design the costume to resemble stained glass art.

This costume was created using 2 shades of green satin that were hand painted using different shades of metallic green paint separated with black paint lines. The cosplay took around three months of work to complete, most of which was spent on the painting process as many panels needed multiple coats. This costume, along with the accompanying Enchanted Rose design, was a finalist in the 2019 D23 Mousequerade costume contest. Photos are by Diana Dizon Photography.

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